Tesla Opens Up Intellectual Property to Fledgling Electric Vehicle Industry

I’m not sure if you’ve read up on this yet, but if not, please do. It’s all over the news by now. When I initially posted it earlier today on the Yahoo! Message Board for GACR, it was just breaking news.

Tesla has opened up its patents to the industry for fair use under open source policy. This means GAC will be now able to take advantage of any Tesla related IP to make improvements in GAC’s product line and technology base and hopefully form partnerships. For a small company like GAC, having access to Tesla’s huge IP (intellectual properties) resulting from billions of dollars in R&D over the years is a huge bonanza.

And I just received confirmation from IGH himself within the last half hour that things are in the works… The odd coincidence that both companies are in California is no coincidence! California is the one state in which electric vehicles will make or break the traditional ICE (internal combustion engine) automotive industry, and with shared IP and possibly collaborations with Tesla a major possibility now, this is HUGE, or as Donald Trump would say, it’s EWJ!

Anyway, I’ve been lurking ever since my health took a turn, so while I would like to blog about this in more detail and provide detailed analysis, I’m going to defer this and spend time with my family instead. I hope everyone is able to read between the lines and see how much of a game changer the Tesla move will be for the fledgling EV industry.

It’s like a middle finger at Detroit and Middle Eastern oil the same day the fall of Tikrit and the day after Mosul was announced.


SOURCE:  http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-06-12/why-elon-musk-just-opened-teslas-patents-to-his-biggest-rivals

Why Did Michael Delete His Blog Posts?

Well, it looks like I’ve got a pretty empty blog here, as you can see.  I’ve been receiving questions about the missing Making Some Paper blog posts.  Why did Michael De Santa delete all his blog posts? The short story is — I’ve been very sick and haven’t been able to keep up with it and the shenanigans of its going ons, so I decided to delete it.

The long story is that I received a threatening email from a supposed lawyer representing an investor in Green Automotive Company (OTCQB:GACR) who lost a significant amount of money investing during the end of the May 2014 pump and dump, the very one I had warned against buying into.  The writer supposedly represented a legal firm and claimed to be investigating pump and dump operators, implying my connection or association with the operators, although not outright accusing me.  While I didn’t completely believe him, I had fallen very ill at the time and was hospitalized, so as I had other worries on my mind.  As an independent investor simply trying to share my thoughts on investing, I do not have the time nor energy to waste defending myself against frivolous lawsuits, so I decided to remove the posts as to avoid further complications. Suffice to say, the pump and dump operation towards the end of May hijacked the trust and investment sentiment of many long shareholders, myself included, and has resulted in a significant shareprice drop, as even Mr. Ian Hobday, CEO of GAC, has admitted in his latest shareholder newsletter:

Our recent share price movement, and in particular the huge daily volume has given cause for concern. It’s clear that a third party has been promoting or “pumping” the stock in order to trade a massive volume and sell out of a large position. Categorically, GAC has not paid any third party to create such circumstances; is not involved in any share promotion activity, and remains focused on creating a great, well founded business, which we believe will deliver strong revenue growth and profits in the future. As major shareholders in the business, the entire management team is committed to building a great company.

The share price has recovered a bit the last few days, but has not recovered completely to the pre-pump and dump range. Now that I’m well, I want to reiterate my position and stand by my convictions:

  • GAC is a struggling company with long term potential.  I currently own shares, plan to keep my shares, and increase my holdings as more free capital becomes available to add to my holdings.
  • As with any small cap company trading on the OTC market, GAC may or may not succeed in delivering on its forward looking statements, but the management team has worked hard to move the company forward and build a great business.
  • All investments are risky, so please invest only once you’ve done your own due diligence and financial research and have come to your own educated conclusion that GACR is a good investment.  Otherwise, do not invest at all.  Consult a professional financial adviser if your knowledge of the matter is insufficient.
  • Do not buy in on any pump and dump scheme.  Any promises of instant gain or success is a lie and is likely fraudulent.

While I appreciate the comments and views on my blog, please be sure to read my biography and my disclaimer.

NOTE:  GAC refers to the company, while GACR refers to the stock.