About Michael

Michael De Santa


Michael De Santa is a veteran of value investing with over 20 years in the financial industry by way of jobs he’s consulted on with his associate, Trevor Philips, and more recently with the addition of his young protege, Franklin Clinton.  The trio’s most famous heist netted investors upwards of $20 million for the Union Bank job.  They later formed a joint investment firm, Three Amigos Financial, LLC., which reported exponential growth and saw a windfall of over $2 billion in record profit for a number of high profile investments advised by private equity firm, Pure Alpha Trading, LLC.  Most notable were their investments in Debonaire Cigarettes, IFruit, Vapid Motor Company, and Gold Coast Development.

On making his first (and hopefully only) investment mistake when he panic dumped 2.8 million shares of Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) during a temporary correction in mid November of 2013, after giving in to the scare tactics of well coordinated bashing found on online message boards, Michael says:


“You forget a thousand things everyday. Make sure this is one of them.”


Despite the singular mistake, Three Amigos Financial, LLC recovered and was able to grow its portfolio with a number of successive and diversified investments.  They ended the year with over $6 billion in aggregate assets, the upper limits of a 32-bit environment per associate.

After reaching the financial milestone, Michael decided to sell off his portion of Three Amigos Financial, LLC to finance a joint movie making venture with Richards Majestic Productions.  As part of his ongoing portfolio diversification efforts, he has recently moved into small cap and speculative growth companies, focusing on star players with real business and proven revenue, while offsetting risk with spectacular growth potential.  One such company he’s focused on at the moment is Green Automotive Company (OTCQB:GACR).

Michael holds a B.S. in 制作的东西了 at the University of Guizhou.  He’s married to his beautiful wife, Amanda, and has two lovely teenage children.  In addition to owning a number of local businesses in his adopted Los Santos, Michael aspires to become a successful movie director like his mentor and partner, Solomon Richards.

In his spare time, Michael likes to visit the local golf course, watch classic movies, attend social and movie launch events, and occasionally troll Grove Street for Baller gang shootouts with his former protege, Franklin, as the driver of their armored EV Landstalker.  Always a trio, his former associate, Trevor, can usually be found moments later piloting a Buzzard attack helicopter and raining down relentless rockets on the unsuspecting gang bangers, a technique he has mastered by positioning the helicopter in a hover behind the nearby Los Santos River embankment and taking advantage of the relative acoustic stealth of the environment.  Michael hopes to one day upload some of the activities to share on YouTube when he finally invests in a bullet proof GoPro HD camcorder, although many videos capturing the trio’s adventures have already been uploaded by fans and bystanders.



DISCLAIMER:  Michael De Santa is a fictional character from Grand Theft Auto 5, a video game.  The biography above is a fan-fiction, parody biography.  The author is not a paid promoter and has no affiliations with the discussed securities or their companies.  Any statements made via this blog are of the author’s own thoughts, so readers should not feel obligated to purchase shares in the discussed securities or to agree with the author’s views.  While the statements are sourced from public data and hyperlinked for integrity, the accuracy of the sourced information cannot be guaranteed by the author.  Please conduct your own research and come to your own educated decision, or consult a professional investment adviser before making any financial decisions.  The author is a shareholder of GACR and LIWA as of May 7, 2014.

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